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"I want to start off by thanking you. Not just a normal thank you for your amazing work and move on. But a thank you you've never heard before. (or read, I guess) :) Joe and I were curious to how the day was going to go, because we hadn't met you yet and during our planning had some awful experiences with companies we were dealing with. Even though you were so easy to work with before hand and had lots of emails to help guide and show us you knew what was going on. It was very reassuring. (Que the second part of the thank you) The moment we got to meet I honestly knew you were going to be great. From your outward appearance to your light and happy attitude, it was all good! But seriously, you were so easy to work with and you made everything flow so perfectly. I had a couple family members say, "She made me just want to be her friend!"You honestly got every shot I could have wanted and captured them in a way that was so Joe and I.THEN, we got your photos, in just a few short days might I add. WOW!! First off, thank you for the gift. It was so nice and we greatly appreciate your kindness. It has become one of our most valued items of the wedding weekend. I cannot even tell you how amazing the photos are! We were floored when we looked through and couldn't find one bad image out of over 600 photos! I kept thinking, Did she just Photoshop our heads in there?!Then there was our reception last weekend. My goodness, the amount of people that think you are the best photographer ever just raised by a couple hundred people! Really though, everyone was amazed with your eye and talent.I wanted to tell you these things because I don't think positive things are said enough. You really by far exceeded our expectations and then on top of that left us with a timeless memory of it.We will be using you for any photos we need in the future and I'm pretty sure you'll be getting calls from lots of our friends and family!You really did and amazing job and we cannot thank you enough!Thanks for blessing our family through your amazing gift,The Wilczek's :)"

"Amy you did an amazing job on Katelyn's senior photos, she was a little nervous going in but you made her feel comfortable and she enjoyed you as her photographer!!"

"the exprience my wife and I had with Amy and her crew during our wedding was absolutely amazing! So professional but flexible and totally took our visions to the next level! We would recommend her to anybody!"""bsolutely amazing! So professional but flexible and totally took our visions to the next level! We would recommend her to anybody!ext

"Love our photos!!! Amy was great and made the experience comfortable and fun. We really hope to be able to have her photograph our wedding next year. :o)"

"Absolutely loved our photo shoot. She is an amazing artist!!! She does wonderful work. Can't wait to see our photos this time around!"

"Want amazing portraits done?! She's the one!"amazing portraits done?! She's the one!

"Amy is amazing"